Communication is the base for the acquisition and transmission of human knowledge

Prolinguo is an educational/therapeutic platform that prevents and improves problems in communication and promotes the acquisition and development of linguistic and cognitive skills of children in school and preschool age, turning technology into an ally for speech and language therapies more entertaining.

What are the benefits?

  • Continuity of speech therapy any time and place
  • Time reduction of conventional therapy
  • Reports of therapeutic progress

Learning does not have to be boring! Our platform analyzes and shows data of the level of communication of users through the video game "Cronk & Mofin: Super Words" that integrate minigames that cover the levels: phonetic phonological, semantic, pragmatic and morphosyntactic.

You can control games by blowing, speaking, moving your tongue and face, allowing to train the musculature associated with the speech and language, benefiting all children especially those who have communicative difficulties.

And remember that with the Easy Connect feature you can send games and activities directly to the user's account to reinforce contents and ensure a continuous improvement of the therapy.

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