booklickBack in college we noticed that there was a huge problem to access academic content (books, papers, and text-books) because it was really expensive and difficult to find. Students usually go for the most cost-efficient way to get the content which are photocopies. Through research we discovered that this was a problem throughout LATAM. Thus, we saw an opportunity where we could help democratize access to academic content and improve learning experience with a platform that everybody could use.

The problem is that access to academic content in LATAM is too expensive and difficult. Due to this fact we found other issues, like environmental impact caused by the excessive use of paper in photocopies, and copyrights violation: authors and publishers don’t receive the revenues they should. Through research we realized that students usually go for the most cost-efficient way to get the content, which is taking photocopies.

  •  The alternatives students have today are:

o   Photocopies: Students all over LATAM take photocopies around their universities to study for the courses they take. This is the most popular alternative nowadays, but still students can’t find all the books they need. Photocopies are not comfortable to carry; its vast consumption is causing a negative impact in the environment and copyright infringement.

o   Buying the books: this is a really expensive alternative because of the number of books each class demands from students. The average student has to read between 20 and 30 books every month per class. This is not a cost-efficient alternative because they end up reading just a chapter or a small section of the book.

o   Digital Libraries: There are a lot of academic publishers around the world that sell their books through their own digital libraries. This is a better alternative, but it’s also expensive for students to buy all the books they need even though it´s a just a bit cheaper. On the other hand, students have to create multiple accounts for each publisher’s store, resulting again in a deficient option.

o   Internet:  Nowadays, you can find many books in PDF on the Internet, but you can spend hours searching and it might turn out to be a waste of energy and time.

Booklick’s goal is to offer a catalogue of every book college students need. This will relieve them from big expenses, carrying tons of books on their bags, looking for photocopies all over their houses and bags, wasting time creating and managing different users and passwords from every existing publisher in the world, or looking for illegal internet PDF´s.