Who are we?

Silabuz.com is a startup that teaches computer science and programming to teenagers. We develop educational programs and work together with highschools.  Our courses are developed by specialized professionals in these fields. Our students learn about computational thinking and the digital abilities required in today's competitive and hyper connected world.

Our services

Educational programs in programming fundamentals, development of mobile applications, development of video games and creation of products and digital business. Playful methodology and project-based learning. On-site programs, online and blended programs (half on-site, half online). E-learning platform support: academic indicators, management metrics and real time student monitoring.

Why Chile?

We believe that Chile is on the cusp of big economic and social reformation and education will be the backbone of this change. Chile is one of the major economies driving digital growth and entrepreneurship across Latin America and is algo giving high priority to tech education. These factors combined lay the basis for a major market opportunity to drive change and opportunities to a lot of teenagers in the skills required to be competitive in the future. Technology is driving change in every industry, be a part of that change!

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