Who is Tuta-Me Chile?

We are a small edutech company with the goal of giving access to quality education to those who need it, creating sort term employment and allowing corporates to exercise their social responsibility in a meaningful and impactful way.

Provide students free access to a channel of reliable quality education at their desired price point and schedule. We empower graduates  to generate additional income in their respective fields at a price point that they see as fair. We give corporates the avenue to sponsor students or schools to receive a variety of education, while improving their market reputation and standing.

The details

Tuta-Me Chile has a planned launch date of April 30th in Chile, starting with a comprehensive web platform.

Our mobile applications are scheduled for launch in October 2018, for both Android and Apple simultaneously. 

Currently, Tuta-Me South Africa has an active user base of over 5000 users and has signed 7 corporate contracts in the last 18 months.

Why Chile?

We believe that Chile is on the cusp of big economic and social reformation and education will be the backbone of this change. Those who are less financially able or who simply do not have the means to provide themselves quality education cannot be left behind and Tuta-Me Chile aims to be a driving force to assist those who may be overlooked.

“At a time when university resources are stretched and demands upon staff are increasing, peer learning offers students the opportunity to learn from each other.”

- Tomorrow’s Professor by Rick Reis
Standford University

We want to hear from you

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